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is-detroit-axle-a-good-brand,Is Detroit Axle a Good Brand? Find Out the Truth Here!

Detroit Axle is a reliable brand known for manufacturing affordable aftermarket and OEM re-manufactured auto parts, providing exceptional service and low prices to its customers. With a commitment to quality products and outstanding customer service, is-detroit-axle-a-good-brand,Detroit Axle has gained a positive reputation in the industry.

However, some customers have reported issues with their customer service, so it is important to consider this aspect before making a purchase. Overall, Detroit Axle offers good value for the price and is a popular choice for those looking to freshen up their vehicles with reliable suspension components.

Is Detroit Axle a Good Brand? Find Out the Truth Here!

Overview Of Detroit Axle

Detroit Axle is a brand that specializes in manufacturing and selling aftermarket and OEM re-manufactured auto parts. With a reputation for providing exceptional service and affordable prices, Detroit Axle has become a popular choice among car owners. In this section, we will provide an overview of Detroit Axle, including its background, product range, and pricing strategy.


Detroit Axle is a company based in Detroit, known for manufacturing its products in-house. Despite its name, some of its parts are actually made in China. However, Detroit Axle parts have garnered mixed reviews in terms of quality and customer service.


While some customers have had positive experiences with the brand, others have reported issues with durability and difficulty in contacting the company for support.

Product Range

Detroit Axle offers a wide range of auto parts, including rotors, brakes, struts, and suspension components. Customers can find parts for various car makes and models, making it convenient for both DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics.


It’s important to note that while Detroit Axle may appeal to budget-conscious individuals due to its affordability, the quality of its products is a point of contention among consumers. Some have found the parts to be a good value for their price, while others have experienced early wear and tear.

Pricing Strategy

Detroit Axle’s pricing strategy is centered around providing low-cost options to customers. By stocking and selling only their own brand of aftermarket and re-manufactured parts, Detroit Axle eliminates the middleman and keeps costs low. This allows them to offer competitive prices compared to other brands in the market.


However, the lower price point may be reflective of the mixed quality experienced by customers. It’s important for potential buyers to consider their specific needs and budget when deciding whether Detroit Axle is the right choice for them.

Is Detroit Axle a Good Brand? Find Out the Truth Here!

Customer Perspectives

Looking for customer perspectives on whether Detroit Axle is a good brand? Customers have mixed opinions, with some praising the low prices and decent quality, while others complain about poor customer service. It’s important to do thorough research before making a purchasing decision.

Online Reviews

When it comes to understanding the quality and reliability of a brand, online reviews are an essential resource. Customers who have purchased products from Detroit Axle have shared their experiences and opinions, giving us valuable insights. These reviews are often an honest reflection of the customer’s satisfaction or disappointment with the brand.

The general consensus from online reviews is that Detroit Axle provides affordable options for aftermarket and re-manufactured auto parts. Many customers appreciate the lower prices offered by the brand, attributing it to the fact that Detroit Axle stocks and sells their own parts, eliminating the need for a middleman. This allows them to maintain low costs without compromising on service quality.


However, there are mixed opinions about the longevity and durability of Detroit Axle parts. While some customers find the products to be of good quality and great value for the price, others have expressed dissatisfaction with the parts not lasting as long as expected. It’s important to note that experiences may vary depending on the specific product and individual usage.

Reddit Discussions

Reddit, being a popular platform for discussions, offers valuable insights from various users who have shared their opinions about Detroit Axle. Many discussions revolve around the reliability and quality of the brand’s parts. Some users have expressed interest in freshening up their cars with Detroit Axle parts, while others have sought advice on the reliability of Detroit Axle as a brand.

One particular thread on the r/JeepLiberty subreddit discusses the reliability of Detroit Axle parts, with users sharing their experiences. Some users have had positive experiences, mentioning that the parts were easy to install and of good quality. However, it’s important to consider that opinions on online platforms may vary, as experiences differ from person to person.

Trustpilot Ratings

In addition to online reviews and Reddit discussions, there are ratings available on platforms like Trustpilot that provide insights into customer satisfaction. While customer opinions may be subjective, ratings can help gauge the overall sentiment towards a brand.

On Trustpilot, Detroit Axle has received mixed reviews. Some customers have praised the brand for providing affordable options without compromising on quality. However, others have expressed frustration with the customer service, mentioning difficulties in contacting the company and resolving issues. It’s important to consider these factors while making a purchasing decision.


Quality And Reliability

When it comes to automotive brands, quality and reliability are two key factors that consumers often consider when making a purchasing decision. In the case of Detroit Axle, these aspects play a significant role in establishing the brand’s reputation. Let’s delve deeper into the quality and reliability of Detroit Axle, and see how it stacks up against competitors, while also examining customer satisfaction.

Comparison With Competitors

When comparing Detroit Axle with its competitors, it’s essential to consider the quality of materials, manufacturing processes, and overall product performance. Detroit Axle prides itself on rigorous quality control measures and uses high-grade materials to ensure durability and reliability. Moreover, the brand’s commitment to delivering affordable yet dependable automotive parts sets it apart from many competitors in the market.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a crucial indicator of a brand’s reliability and the quality of its products. Detroit Axle has garnered mixed reviews from customers, with some praising the brand’s cost-effective solutions and satisfactory performance, while others have raised concerns about the customer service and product quality. Despite the varying feedback, Detroit Axle remains a popular choice for individuals seeking budget-friendly automotive parts without compromising on overall quality and performance.


Manufacturing And Ownership

Detroit Axle, a brand known for its affordable prices, manufactures all its products in-house in Detroit. Despite being made in China, the brand claims to provide good quality aftermarket and OEM re-manufactured parts at low costs, thanks to cutting out middlemen.

However, customer service reviews are mixed, so it’s important to do further research before purchasing.


Detroit Axle is a brand that prides itself on its connection to its namesake city. As the name suggests, Detroit Axle is based in Detroit, Michigan, USA. The company’s dedication to its location adds a sense of authenticity and expertise to its products. Being located in Detroit, a city known for its rich automotive history, gives Detroit Axle a unique advantage in understanding the needs and demands of customers when it comes to auto parts.



When it comes to ownership, Detroit Axle stands out as a company that takes pride in its manufacturing process. Unlike some other brands that outsource their production to various manufacturers, Detroit Axle has taken a different approach.


The company ensures that all their parts are manufactured in-house in Detroit, Michigan. This vertical integration allows Detroit Axle to maintain complete control over the quality of their products. By having their own manufacturing facilities, they can closely monitor every step of the production process and deliver consistent and reliable products to their customers.


Detroit Axle’s commitment to in-house manufacturing sets them apart from other brands. This ownership model allows them to have direct oversight of the entire production process, from sourcing raw materials to the final assembly of the parts. This hands-on approach ensures that only the highest quality components are used, resulting in auto parts that meet or exceed industry standards.


Moreover, with ownership comes responsibility. Detroit Axle takes pride in the fact that all their parts are designed by their team of experienced engineers. These engineers carefully design each part to meet the specific needs of different vehicle models. This dedication to precise engineering ensures that Detroit Axle parts fit seamlessly and function flawlessly in a wide range of vehicles.


In conclusion, Detroit Axle’s commitment to manufacturing their parts in-house in Detroit, Michigan, and maintaining complete ownership over their production process sets them apart as a brand. This level of control allows them to deliver consistent quality and reliable auto parts to their customers.


The team at Detroit Axle’s dedication to their craft shines through in the attention they give to every detail of the manufacturing process. With their location and ownership practices, Detroit Axle stands as a trustworthy brand in the auto parts industry.


Product Analysis

When it comes to assessing the quality of a brand, it is essential to conduct a thorough analysis of its products. In this section, we will delve into Detroit Axle’s offerings, focusing on two key categories: Brake Kits and Suspension Components.


Brake Kits

Detroit Axle offers a wide range of brake kits designed to meet the needs of various vehicles. These kits include everything required for a complete brake replacement, including rotors, brake pads, and hardware. One of the standout features of Detroit Axle’s brake kits is their affordability without compromising on quality.


The brake rotors are manufactured using durable materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance and longevity. With precision-drilled and slotted designs, these rotors provide excellent heat dissipation, reducing the risk of brake fade and improving overall braking performance. The brake pads are formulated to provide reliable stopping power while minimizing noise and dust.


Customers have reported positive experiences with Detroit Axle’s brake kits, highlighting their ease of installation and the noticeable improvement in braking performance. Additionally, the brand offers excellent customer support and a 30-day return policy, providing peace of mind to the purchasers.


Suspension Components


In addition to brake kits, Detroit Axle also specializes in suspension components for various vehicle makes and models. These components include struts, shocks, control arms, and other vital parts that contribute to a smooth and comfortable ride.


Customers have found Detroit Axle’s suspension components to be of good quality and value for their price. The struts, in particular, are praised for their sturdy construction and ability to handle various driving conditions. While they may be a bit stiffer compared to factory struts, they offer a significant improvement over worn-out OEM parts.


When it comes to aftermarket suspension options, Detroit Axle stands out as a reliable choice. The brand’s commitment to providing exceptional service and competitively priced products, manufactured both in-house and through OEM re-manufacturing, contributes to its reputation in the industry.





With a comprehensive range of brake kits and suspension components, Detroit Axle proves to be a reputable brand in the automotive industry. Their products offer a balance of affordability and quality, backed by positive customer experiences and excellent customer support. Whether you are looking to upgrade your braking system or enhance your vehicle’s suspension, Detroit Axle’s products are worth considering.


Is Detroit Axle a Good Brand? Find Out the Truth Here!

Final Verdict

Pros And Cons

  • Offers a wide range of aftermarket and OEM re-manufactured auto parts
  • Provides exceptional service and low prices by eliminating middlemen
  • Despite mixed reviews on quality, some customers have found their products to be good value for the price
  • Complaints regarding customer service and durability of products


With a wide selection and competitive prices, Detroit Axle may be a suitable option for those seeking affordable aftermarket auto parts. However, potential customers should carefully consider the mixed feedback on product quality and customer service before making a purchase decision.



Frequently Asked Questions On Is Detroit Axle A Good Brand

How Is Detroit Axle So Cheap?

Detroit Axle offers affordable products by selling directly without a middleman, keeping costs low.

Is Detroit Axle Made In China?

No, Detroit Axle is made in China, despite its name. The company stocks and sells new aftermarket and OEM re-manufactured parts, which allows them to keep costs low and provide customers with affordable prices. It’s important to note the quality and longevity of the product over time.

Who Owns Detroit Axle?

Detroit Axle is owned by the company itself.

Are Detroit Axle Struts Any Good?

Detroit Axle struts offer good value for the price and are a bit stiff, but better than factory struts. The overall quality is good, and customers find them easy to install. However, there are some complaints about customer service and product quality.


It’s evident that Detroit Axle offers affordable products without compromising on quality. While there may be some customer service issues, their commitment to providing cost-effective solutions and high-quality parts is undeniable. With a wide range of positive reviews and a value-driven approach, Detroit Axle stands as a reliable choice for aftermarket auto parts.

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